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Screenshot of Brain Boost Multiply

Brain Blaze&trade Add

This application is a set of addition flashcards for operands 0 through 12. Parents will find the color-coded progress grid invaluable for helping kids learn their math facts. Kids will enjoy the positive audio praise when they complete a set of flashcards.

Brain Blaze Add is the third in a series of math flashcard applications, including BB Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract. While the multiplication and division flashcards have been popular with both kids and adults, the addition and subtraction flashcards are currently targeted for kids ages 4 to 12.



- An artificial intelligence algorithm generates plausible multiple-choice answers for the flashcards
- Missed problems are saved and presented in later sets to reinforce learning
- Detailed color-coded progress grid provides easy visual analysis of strengths and weaknesses for both accuracy and speed
- Multiple profiles (up to 6 different users can track their progress)


Available from the iTunes App Store