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Screenshot of Serpents game


Awaken your creative side! Use the iPhone or iPod Touch accelerometer to select one of 4,096 colors. Then finger paint in that color with your choice of brush size and opacity. Have fun experimenting with the colors - the artistic possibilities are endless! With ColorTilt, you can produce artwork that is impossible to create by any other method.
View the ColorTilt Gallery to see examples of art created with ColorTilt. If you would like your artwork to be considered for gallery posting, email it to us at:
  • (NEW) Added 4 buttons to freeze/unfreeze drawing color, take screenshot, access controls, and get help
  • Unique tilt to select color (hold flat for black)
  • Shake-to-erase mode with confirmation
  • Brush size and opacity selection
  • Erase brush
  • Sharp contrast between background and drawing color
  • Improved accelerometer sampling for faster background color changes


Available from the iTunes App Store