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That Ain't It! Movie Trivia High Scorer:

An Interview with Keith P.
Keith P. was selected for the 2012 That Ain't It! Movie Trivia Hall of Fame because he has scored over $2 million in Speed Trivia and almost $150 million in Game Show. Now that's dedication - great job, Keith! And good luck trying out for Jeopardy!
Tell us a little bit about yourself...
My name is Keith Phillips, I am 39 years old, and I live in Seven Hills, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I graduated from Kent State with a degree in Advertising and I have spent the last 11-plus years working for the IRS (figure that one out!). My hobbies are legion, but the two things I enjoy most (besides Trivia, of course...check out the next answer for more on that!) are bowling and calling pins in a league for visually impaired bowlers (I am what is known as a "sighted co-captain"), as well as spending some of my weekends visiting my friends (and the black squirrels :)) at my Alma Mater, Kent State University.
Describe your interest in trivia...

OK, where do I start? I have been a fan of TV gameshows since I was real little (only kid I know who probably demanded PM Kindergarten so I could watch them). Later, in third grade, a teacher brought some trivia cards to school. Much to her shock, I knew that Ol' Blue Eyes was Frank Sinatra! Nowadays, I compete in team trivia at a local myself! I am known as OMT, or the One Man Team. I spend one night a week competing against teams of up to 10 people...and I have won on more than one occasion....6 to be exact (5 by myself, one with my family)! As of this writing, the restaurant I compete at is in a one month tournament against another restaurant (winner is team that scores the most points in September). Going into the last week of the tournament, I am in second place overall, trailing the leading team by about 15 points. Also, before sending this email, I signed up for the online contestant test for Jeopardy! for my area that takes place Oct. 9th.

What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?
Well, besides the That Ain't It Movies and General game, most of my other apps are also trivia related, Movie trivia, Sports trivia, even an app so I can use my Ipad to play the computerized trivia at the restaurant I play the live game at. I also have several "identify the logo" games, as well as card games, as well as Pac-Man and Ms. Pac Man (admitted child of the 80s here). And, lastly, being a gameshow fan, I have pretty much every game show app available.
What's your favorite category in That Ain't It! Movie Trivia?
Has to be Family...grew up on lots of kids movies, remember them better than any others. Also another favorite is Classics. Saw a lot of the classics with a High
School buddy of mine and with my mother.
What's your least favorite category?
Drama...some of the recent dramas I don't know much about, but the power of memorization helps me get through them.
What new features would you most like to see added to That Ain't It! Movie Trivia?
Maybe a multi-player option (would love to challenge friends (or my Mom). Also maybe a cumulative score high score sheet for speed mode.
How many games did it take you before you won $1M? Do you have any advice to give others who would like to win $1M in Game Show?

Well, I had been playing the game show mode for a month or two before I plunged into Speed Mode on Monday...1st game I went over $1M...less than a dozen games later, I hit $2M plus. I actually would have hit it a couple of games sooner had I not ran out of time. (NOTE: As of this writing, I have also hit the $100 Million mark in winnings (in about 300+ games) on Game Show mode. Did it a few minutes before typing this up).

Advice for other players:
Before you try the Speed mode, play Game Show for a while first. This will familiarize you with the format, and will give you info that is useful when switching to Speed mode. when you get to Speed mode, don't panic, and use a little bit of logic when locking in on your answer.

As for game show mode, I first hit $1m probably about a week or two after starting. As I noted before, I hit $100 million tonight. I have played 300+ Game Show games, with 81 $1M games. on Game show not be afraid to use your lifelines...use them wisely, and you'll see your score skyrocket.