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HodgePodge is a utility collection with a clean, user-friendly interface. The nine utilities include:


1. Location: allows you to email your longitude and latitude coordinates with a Google Maps link
2. Battery: displays your battery charge percentage to the nearest 5%
3. Clock: displays a digital clock in portrait or landscape mode that allows you to set a music alarm using your iPod library
4. Tip Calculator: computes your tip, splits your restaurant bill, and rounds tips and totals up or down
5. Converter: lets you convert between common units of measurement
6. Flashlight: choice of colors or brightness
7. Ruler
8. Level
9. Random Number: generate up to eight random numbers at a time
HodgePodge character icon designed by artist Jacob Borshard
Available from the iTunes App Store
LocationBatteryClockTip CalcConverterFlashlightRulerLevelRandom Number