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Screenshot of Brain Boost Multiply

Brain Blaze&trade Spelling

Are you smarter than your spell checker? Many people have gotten used to relying on their computers to spell for them. Quiz yourself on the lost art of spelling and boost your brainpower with this challenging educational application.

Each of the sixteen sets presents you with flashcards containing commonly misspelled words of increasing difficulty. Each card shows a sentence using the spelling word to help you learn its meaning and context. You choose the correctly spelled word from among six choices. Your goal is to complete each of the sixteen sets as accurately and quickly as possible. You can view your progress on a color-coded spelling grid.

This application is great for older kids and adults. Adults can keep their brains active and challenged by regularly playing. Older kids can learn and reinforce their spelling skills by working their way through each of the sixteen sets and then repeating sets to increase their accuracy and time scores. The sets roughly correspond to 4th grade through college. Missed words are saved and presented in later sets to reinforce learning.


- 2 decks of flashcards, with deck selection on the Settings screen
- 16 sets per deck for a total of 312 spelling words plus four review sets
- Accuracy and time tracked for each set
- Detailed color-coded progress grid provides easy visual analysis of strengths and weaknesses
- Multiple profiles (up to 6)


Available from the iTunes App Store