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That Ain't It!™ Trivia Game
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Are you ready for a trivia game whose questions are different from all the others?

That Ain't It! questions have a unique and challenging format. You get a topic and four answers. Three answers fit the topic, and your goal is to pick the one that doesn't fit.


Say the topic is U.S. Presidents.

The answer choices are:
Barack Obama
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Jimmy Carter

You choose Benjamin Franklin because he was not a president - Benjamin Franklin "ain't it"

How about a game show that tracks your cumulative winnings?
Scoreboard for Game Show mode
Scoreboard for Speed Trivia mode
Starting with $1, you can go from rags to riches by answering all 10 questions correctly and joining the Millionaire Club. Compare your cumulative winnings with your trivia peers around the world. After you beat the Game Show mode by winning $250,000, you will unlock Speed Trivia. You'd better think fast as you try to answer as many questions correctly as possible in two minutes. Only the smartest and fastest will make it to the global high score board.
  • Two different game modes - Game Show and Speed Trivia
  • Global high scoreboards
  • 8 categories of questions: World, Media, Culture, Nature, Words, Science, Sports, U.S. History
  • 3 difficulty levels of questions: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • 1275 questions with more on the way soon
  • Track cumulative winnings for up to 6 different players
  • 30 seconds per question in Game Show mode gives you time to play with friends
  • Settings to turn off sound effects, music, wheel spinning, and display of correct answer
  • No internet connection required to play (but needed to view high scoreboard)

Available from the iTunes App Store