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IIs it "witch" or "which"? "Capital" or "capitol"? "Imply" or "infer"?

This challenging educational app tests your knowledge of commonly misused and confused words. Some of the words are homonyms, such as "here" and "hear", and won't be caught by your spell checker. Some of the words are similar or confusing in meaning, such as "continuous" and "continual". Quiz yourself and see if you know which word to use!

WhichWord is helpful for students preparing for the SAT* test, which requires test takers to identify sentence errors and improve sentences with regard to word usage and grammar.

Sets one through twelve present you with a set of flashcards of increasing difficulty. Each card shows a sentence using the commonly misused word to help you learn its meaning and context. You choose the correct words from among six choices. Your goal is to complete each of the twelve sets as accurately and quickly as possible. You can view your progress on a color-coded word grid. Sets thirteen through sixteen present words you have missed previously and also random words from all sets.

This application is great for middle school and high school students and adults. Adults can keep their brains active and challenged by regularly playing this game. Older kids can learn and reinforce their grammar and vocabulary skills by working their way through each of the twelve sets and then repeating sets to increase their accuracy and time scores.

Plausible multiple-choice alternatives are randomly selected for each flashcard. Missed words are saved and presented in later sets to reinforce learning.

* SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.


- Sixteen sets that include a total of 156 commonly confused words with 6 answer choices per card
- Accuracy and time tracked for each set
- Detailed color-coded progress grid provides easy visual analysis of strengths and weaknesses for both accuracy and speed
- Save multiple profiles (up to 6)
- Names in example sentences are varied each time you see them to keep the sentences interesting!


Available from the iTunes App Store