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Who Is The Smartest? Vocabulary

Who Is The Smartest? Vocabulary

Play this game show-style word game to improve your verbal skills or master tests such as the SAT or GRE! With over 2500 questions on over 1000 vocabulary and spelling words, WITS Vocab will help get your brain juiced up.

Who Is The Smartest? Use Apple's Game Center to find out and track your game achievements.
  • Two game modes - Game Show and Speed Champ
  • 4 multiple choice answers per question
  • 8 categories: Spelling, Word Usage, Word Roots, Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Definitions, Antonyms/Synonyms
  • 3 difficulty levels of questions: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • 1000+ words to learn
  • 2500+ questions
Available from the iTunes App Store