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That Ain't It! Speed Trivia High Scorer:

An Interview with Catherine M.
Catherine M. was selected for the 2009 That Ain't It! Hall of Fame because she scored over $2.5 million in Speed Trivia.
Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am retired, married, and have three children and three grandchildren. My interests include travel, golf, photography, reading, and volunteer work.

Describe your interest in trivia...

It started with Jeopardy and Who, What, and Where and continued with the advent of Trivial Pursuit in the 70's. I played every Saturday night with my family and have enjoyed these "mind" games ever since. I remember being devastated when someone stole all my Jeopardy games out of my car (about four editions)!

What are some of your favorite iPhone apps?
You Tube, Newspapers on-line, Travel apps, Wild West Pinball , I Love Travel Packing List, Major League Baseball....I just recently purchased my Ipod Touch, so I still have lots to explore.
What's your favorite category in That Ain't It!?
Media and Words
What's your least favorite category in That Ain't It!?
World and Science
What new features would you most like to see added to That Ain't It!?
Nothing - I just hope you don't run out of questions. Thanks for many hours of fun!
What strategy did you use to get such a high cumulative score on That Ain't It!?
Just keep playing - it took me MANY games to reach $2 million.